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TAL Insurance

Slice of Life Blog

Content marketing strategy and execution

The dubs was able to drive close to 19,000 additional visits to the slice of life blog between January-July 2018.
TAL’s brand message and ambition were clear – to celebrate and protect what matters most in this great Australian life with TAL’s life insurance and income protection.

The task for The Dubs was to develop a strategy and produce seasonal content ongoing that would naturally weave this brand message into the everyday lives of Australians.

Rather than focusing on the merits of TAL’s products themselves, The Dubs centered content around three key pillars designed to inspire Australians to live life to the full:

  • Experiences – inspiring existing and potential customers to embrace new experiences in travel, sport, culture and community.
  • Living – celebrating life’s biggest milestones and enabling better mental and physical health.
  • Managing wealth – helping Australians to better manage their money and plan for theirs and their family’s future.

TAL’s Slice of Life blog

Covering everything from lifestyle to money management, TAL’s Slice of Life blog content – which includes a mix of short and long-form articles, listicles and infographics – covers the topics that matter most to Australians, encouraging them to embrace life while also offering advice on the right products to protect it.

Targeting a broad audience spread at different life stages – from young individuals through to growing families, older families and couples – The Dubs was able to drive close to 19,000 additional visits to the Slice of Life blog between January-July 2018. Boosting brand sentiment and awareness, as well as knowledge of the value of TAL’s products.

An ongoing relationship, The Dubs uses SEO insights and regular analytics to ensure the strategy and content we produce is still doing the job of capturing interest and encouraging Australians to live life to the full.

The dubs was able to drive close to 19,000 additional visits to the slice of life blog between January-July 2018.

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