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Aviva little book of data
Aviva Investors

Creative capabilities: Transforming data into a visual narrative

Discover how The Dubs Agency transformed Aviva Investors’ data into a rich and engaging visual story and award-winning series – The Little Book of Data.

Aviva Investors wanted to break the habit of providing data to clients in the standard format of overly-complex charts, so together we created the coffee table book The Little Book of Data.
In its sixth iteration, Aviva Investors’ The Little Book of Data is a highly anticipated and well-respected physical and digital book that beautifully illustrates the forces shaping our world. Produced annually by The Dubs Agency, it cements the significant value we see in data, transforming this often overlooked asset into an award-winning piece of creative thought leadership.

Bringing a fresh approach to the way Aviva Investors presents its facts and findings, this successful piece of cornerstone content has built a captivated audience with high-net-worth clients and institutional investors, providing an insightful resource they can revisit year-round.

The creative journey begins

In the world of finance, creativity often takes a backseat to cold, hard numbers. To capture the attention of investors, Aviva Investors sought to transform raw data into an engaging narrative, working with The Dubs Agency to produce a book that brings to life the biggest trends in economies and markets.

From the beginning Aviva Investors and The Dubs Agency worked toward a clear goal: to transform complex data into a captivating story. The thematic elements — climate, population, conflicts — were clear, but weaving them into a cohesive narrative was the challenge.
“Boring, Made Beautiful. The Attention To Detail And Tenacity Is Commendable”

Beyond mundane charts

Aviva Investors’ vision was to break away from the typical presentation of data through dull charts and tables. With The Dubs Agency they aimed to create something visually stunning, an annual book that both captivates and informs.

“Aviva Investors wanted to break the habit of providing data to clients in the standard format of overly-complex charts, so together we created the coffee table book The Little Book of Data,” says Tristan Fawley, executive creative director, The Dubs.

The Little Book of Data was designed to not be a run-of-the-mill corporate report. It was designed to be a work of art, something that shareholders and stakeholders eagerly anticipated. It is both a print publication and a digital-first asset, a document that could be held in one’s hands, downloaded, and utilised for lead generation. Over time, it evolved into a publication that people looked forward to year after year. As Damian Totman, global creative director at Bloomberg described it “It’s boring, made beautiful. The attention to detail and tenacity is commendable”.


Aviva Investors wanted to break the habit of providing data to clients in the standard format of overly-complex charts, so together we created the coffee table book The Little Book of Data.
Aviva Investors Little Book of data

Engagement and momentum

The project wasn’t only about creating a visually appealing book. Aviva Investors went a step further by leveraging social promotion to drive traffic to The Little Book of Data online. Creating short videos and imagery to capture the attention of audiences and promote the insightful visual storytelling within the book. This momentum continued to grow year after year, with the Little Book of Data becoming a permanent fixture in Aviva Investors’ annual communications strategy.

What set this project apart was the unique collaboration it represented. The Dubs Agency’s creative capabilities paired with its financial services knowledge and expertise perfectly positioned the agency to bring Aviva investors’ charts to life. It isn’t merely a collection of data; it’s data infused with purpose and resonance.

The Little Book of Data shows that even in finance there is room for imagination, and within that imagination, you’ll find a little book with a profound story to tell. This ownable industry publication has helped deliver commercial success with Aviva Investors through successful and creative direct client engagement.

Awards and recognition

In a world where data is abundant but storytelling is scarce, the Little Book of Data stands as a beacon of creative excellence. To confirm the success of their creative approach, The Little Book of Data has received a number of awards:

  • Content Marketing Awards, Visual Storytelling, Best Infographic Series 2022
  • Investment marketing and Innovation Awards, Content Marketing of the Year 2021
  • Creativepool Annual 2020, Publishing, People’s Choice 2020
  • Financial Services Forum Awards, Judges Award for Marketing Learning 2019
  • Creativepool 2019 Silver and People’s Choice awards for Publishing

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